La Tentación Producciones S.A.


TENTAZIOA (LA TENTACION PRODUCCIONES), with headquarters in San Sebastian, was created on 3rd July 1998, when various people with long professional careers in theatre or in the audio-visual sector and with common objectives and interests joined.

The curricula of the members of Tentazioa are the guarantee of this production company. They joined their experience as directors, scriptwriters, actors, producers and distributors, in order to carry out the most ambitiours projects and to guarantee quality, efectiveness and viability.

The main working lines of TENTAZIOA are:

-Audio-visual production.
-Production and operation of theatre shows.
-Management and programming of stages.
-Cultural promotion and diffusion services.

 It has the aim of bringing more innovative resources and products to the Basque culture indutri, not only related with the results, but also those related to creation, production and operation precesses.